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Nvidia blew the minds of many consumers and fans this year by announcing the highly anticipated handheld console known as Project Shield.

The console is designed to run on Android and also stream any games that you may have installed on your actual PC. Reports have confirmed that it is powered by Tegra 4 that is yet another new system that will released by Nvidia this year as well.


There has been an extensive list of product updates that have been released about Project Shield over the past few months that have kept consumers and critics informed about key details and answers that they may have been waiting to receive for such a long time. For example, it was originally scheduled to be released on June 27th. However, there was a slight hiccup that caused this date to be thrown out of the window.

One of the third-party components that are implemented with the design of Project Shield encountered a serious mechanical issue which required Nvidia to push the release day back in order to give their development team enough time to properly address and resolve the issue. Even though Nvidia did announce that the handheld console would be released on July 31st, they still have not come forward with officially identifying the nature of the mechanical issue that prevented them from going forward with the original release date.


Another update that took place several months ago, shortly before the originally scheduled release date in June was the price drop. It was initially going to be priced at $349 when they initially began the pre-ordering stage which allowed consumers to go ahead and reserve their personal copies of this highly anticipated release. However, it is clear that the competitive pricing of such video gaming consoles as Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 (which are also scheduled to be released later this year) caused Nvidia to reconsider that price point and reduced it by $50 to $299 instead. If you are currently interested in pre-ordering one so that you can have it reserved before it is actually released, you can go to such retail partners as GameStop, NewEgg and Canada Computer.

The Nvidia Shield is truly going to make waves in the video gaming industry after it has finally been released and is expected to change the dynamic of Android-powered handheld consoles forever. The general public will just have to wait and see if it lives up to the expectation.