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sr9009-01Physical exercise is great for losing weight. It burns calories, makes you sweat, and annihilates fat from your body. But most exercise for more reasons than losing weight. Physical exercise also has many other benefits for the body. It releases endorphins, builds muscle, and keeps your heart healthy. So imagine if all the benefits of exercising were captured in a tiny pill?

Researchers and scientists at the Scripps Research Institute have done just that. While the treatment, currently called SR9009, is still being tested on mice, the results are amazing so far. When mice were given the drug, their metabolic activity levels increased, and the mice became leaner and stronger. They were even able to run longer distances. In other words, the drug causes the body to act as if it just underwent aerobic exercise. The drug was so effective that the mice would run for such long distances, they had to be stopped due to exhaustion. These were mice that previously had weight and obesity issues.


So what would happen if this pill were available and safe for human consumption? We could say good-bye to the obesity epidemic, good-bye to type-II diabetes, and other terrible diseases and sicknesses caused by lack of exercise.

How It Works
The drug, SR9009, binds to the body’s Rev-ErbAα proteins and causes them to help in burning and getting rid of fat and sugar in the liver. It also helps to prevent the production of fat cells, blocking the problem at the source. This magical pill was invented by Professor Thomas Burris. He claims that the mice actually gain muscles as if they were athletes who had been training.

Photo: Scripps Research Institute

Photo: Scripps Research Institute

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