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Everyone has seen the movie where the poor victim is fumbling for their keys while the serial killer approaches from behind. At times like this you probably wondered why you are able to open your car with a remote control but still have to use keys to get into your house. The August Smart Lock is trying to change all that by allowing you to open your door remotely, even using your phone.

This device, which will be put on the market later in 2013, will allow people to open or secure their door over the Internet. Using this device, people can allow those people they know into their house, or bar people from entering, all using their phone or mobile device. The August Smart Lock attaches to the door and deadbolt and the company claims that it will work with a majority of locks and faceplates.

August Smart Lock has a number of interesting applications that people can use on their phone or Android device. One such application allows you to create virtual keys that you can give to people, thus granting them access to the house. This is a great application, as it will make it much easier to let people into your house in the case that you are not there. This also increases safety, as there will be no keys to break, lose or get stolen, which makes it less likely that someone can get into your home.

It is also convenient for the times that you are around, as it will allow you to open your door remotely using your phone. This is perfect for times when you have a lot of packages or groceries to carry in, as you won’t have to try to fumble with your keys without dropping your items.

Fumbling with your keys at the front door could even be a safety issue. Although it is unlikely that you are being hunted by a masked serial killer, there may be times when you need to get into your house quickly. It also protects you from losing your keys or breaking a key off in the lock. If you have spent a lot of money on locksmiths in the past then you should consider trying out the August Smart Lock.

This device will not only save you money, but will give you more convenience and safety for your home. Smart Lock makes it so you will never have to mess around with keys again.