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Over the past five decades, fictitious yet iconic special agent, James Bond, has become widely known for his natural ability to wear the best tailored suits, love the most beautiful women and drive the most impressive cars. Even though there has been a number of great cars that have been driven by the man simply known as 007 over the years, it was the Lotus Esprit 1 Series car that was basically a submarine used in the 1977 film, The Spy Who Loved Me, that has been burned into the memories of millions of people that have seen it over the years.


Recent reports have confirmed that this internationally known vehicle will actually be heading to the auction block towards the beginning of September in London, according to RM Auctions. If you are not familiar with this vehicle, it was used during the amazing underwater scene of the movie and caused many people to start dreaming of possibly being able to drive one in the near future. According to the auction house, the automobile is still operational even though it was taken into the sea almost four decades ago.


Many people think that this car was not actually built and was just fancy movie magic or special effects. However, the actual vehicle was designed and built specifically for this climactic scene within the movie. Originally, the car was designed and constructed for close to $100,000, which means that it is currently valued at around $500,000. Motorized propellers were its primary source of power and it is the only model that was specifically built for this breathtaking scene and moment of cinematic history.

After shooting for the film was completed, the Lotus spent over a decade stored away in a Long Island container. After the caretakers of the container defaulted on their rent payments in the late 1980s, the contents of the container were sold to an anonymous couple that had no idea what was inside until they removed the blankets and found this iconic vehicle hidden underneath.


This vehicle has not been revealed to the public’s eye in over two decades, but RM Auctions is planning to change that over the next couple of months. There currently has not been any speculation or projections made by the auction house about how much they expect to receive from this auction. Keep in mind, though, that the 1965 Aston Martin DB5 that was also used in earlier films within the same franchise was sold at an auction in 2010 for close to $4.5 million.